colouring pasta for messy play

How to colour pasta for messy play

How to colour pasta for messy play

How to colour pasta for messy playPasta is great for texture play, the babies and little ones who come along to our sessions love it and today we are sharing how to colour pasta for messy play. Pasta can be shovelled, moved around, spread about and is amazing for holding and tasting. It is such a great opportunity for some messy play and we pop our pasta in our tuff tray to encourage them to engage in messy play.


Just make sure that your little one is an independent sitter and is used to solid food. They do enjoy popping the pasta in their mouths so we want to make sure that their first taste in the world is blue pasta! It is a good idea to have plastic toys alongside any messy play, a familiar texture can help a little one engage in play, if your little one is reluctant to play start to introduce messy play during meal times on a small scale and offer lots of opportunities for them to feel, touch and play with their food.

How to colour pasta

When we are preparing our pasta we cook it as per the instructions on the packet. When cool we pop it in a bowl and add a little splash of vegetable oil that keeps all of the pasta pieces separate, without the oil the pasta sticks together when it dries. We then add a very small touch of gel food colouring. You need the smallest amount to make a really vibrant colour and adding it to the cool pasta gives you a much better colour than adding it to the water when cooking. Use gloves as mixing the pasta and colour is a messy job. Allow the pasta to dry out a little before letting your little one play with it, you want the colour to have set so that it sticks to the pasta and not to your little one.

How to colour pasta for messy play

We store our pasta in the fridge until we need it and as our pasta is used by multiple children we only keep it for one play session but when we are making some at home it stores well for a couple of days is an air tight container.

After making all of those nice patterns and encouraging the little ones to play, this is the after photo! Have lots of fun.

colouring pasta

Always supervise your children when taking part in any play activity. Keep them in eye sight and arms reach.

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