rainbow rice

Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice

rainbow riceWe had fun yesterday introducing texture play with our group of toddlers and we used rainbow rice. The rice is so easy to make and it keeps for ages so it can be used many times. We started with yellow, blue, purple and pink rice and it was quickly scooped, shovelled and mixed by our group of toddlers. The rice was on a tray on a small table so we were doing lots of standing practice while playing!

To make rainbow rice

Use one cup of dry long grained rice

Very small amount of gel food colouring



I popped a cup of rice into a soup cup with a 1/4 of a teaspoon of vinegar. The vinegar helps to set the colour onto the rice. I then dipped the handle of a teaspoon into the gel colour pot so that it was lightly coated, you need very little colour, and then stirred it into the rice. Pop the lid onto the soup cup and shake the rice. Very quickly the colour spreads to all of the rice and once you are happy with the colour, spread the rice onto a baking tray to dry. The smell of the vinegar evaporates while the rice is drying.

Have lots of fun with it, use different toys, spoons and cups to scoop, shovel and spread out the rice. The rice feels amazing and your little one will love it!


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