Baby Hand and Foot Prints

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Have you taken a copy of your baby’s hand and foot prints?

It is a really popular activity in our classes and a lovely keepsake of a little moment in time. Today we are sharing a couple of our tips for doing some printing and you don’t need to be really crafty to do it.

Here are some of our top tips for taking hand and foot prints of your baby

  1. Less is more when it comes to applying paint. We use a small sponge or a roller to apply the paint onto their hand or foot.
  2. Washable paint is a must. Crayola makes a great washable paint which cleans off nicely with wipes.
  3. Wipes, have lots of them to hand!
  4. When taking a footprint, hold your little ones foot at their ankle. If you are using a canvas press it straight onto the canvas when you are holding the canvas to their foot. If you are printing on paper or card, take their foot to the paper when it is lying flat on the floor.
  5. When taking a handprint you need to be really quick as your little one is likely to move their fingers on the paper or canvas when it makes contact. If you hold up their middle finger when their fingers are extended when you are approaching the card or canvas you are helping them keep their fingers flexed open rather than them making a fist.
  6. If your little one is using a high chair it is a perfect opportunity to take footprints. Sit them in their chair with an activity and you can sit on the floor while you print away!

You can use your baby’s hand and foot prints for lots of different crafts and they make amazing gifts too.

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